Principal’s Message

Dear Students,

In the process of becoming a man from a child, our society plays a vital and crucial role. During the, journey, one borrows so much from one’s surrounding to become self-sufficient. At this stage of life , it is time to pay back to the society. This repayment of social debt is done in many forms & ways by choosing different carriers and professions. Teaching is one of the best ways.

It is our strong belief and conviction that a ‘Guru’ can be a carrier of values which are grossly lacking in our present society.

At Saraswati Teacher’s Training College, it is our sincere effort and endeavor to produce quality teachers and equip them with the power of knowledge based on our cultural, moral and social ethics.

We hope that the teachers from our college will be a catalyst of social transformation because they will be working at the roots of the system.

Our best wishes are due to all of you who have chosen this sacred profession of teaching.

All of us at Saraswati Teacher’s Training College wish you all the success in your life.

Dr. Praveen singh